Who is New Name Noah?

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If you are a Mormon, you might or you might not know who New Name Noah is.

If you stopped believing in Mormonism and participate in Ex-Mormons communities, New Name Noah is an individual you recognize. Mike Norton is the person behind the New Name Noah nickname

New Name Noah was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who left Mormonism a while ago and who has been exposing Mormonism mainly through his Youtube Channel

What’s New Name Noah Exposing?

If you know a thing or two about Mormonism, you know that they have these local buildings where everybody is welcome and that they have some sacred buildings that Mormons call Temples.

Only worthy Mormons can attend the temple and participate in the rites and ceremonies performed in them.

Those ceremonies and what happens in them is a complete secret. (Not Really)

How Can New Name Noah Enter LDS Temples?

What New Name Noah has done is beyond what others ex-mormons have done.

New Name Noah gets a temple recommend, enters different temples and records the ceremonies performed in them.

This is part of the Mormon Temple prayer in the Phoenix Mormon Temple available in his YouTube Channel

YouTube video

New Name Noah Infiltrated

One of the funny things that New Name Noah did was pretending that he was a member of a Local LDS community.

He was attending and participating in church like a normal person would do. I think weeks and months passed and nobody was able to detect that this guy was everything that faithful Mormons tend to hate.

This is the first video of the serie:

YouTube video

Questions and Answers about New Name Noah

These are some of the questions that you might have about Mike Norton and New Name Noah

Was Mike Norton a convert to the church?

His father was a fourth-generation mormon so he grew up in a traditional mormon family. He was baptized a few days after he turned 8

Did Mike Norton go on a Mission?

Mike Norton served a full time mission for the LDS church in California. He was demoted from District Leader to Junior companion because he made out with a girl.

When Did Mike Norton Leave the Church?

Mike Norton left the church in 2002

Does Mike Norton Believe in God?

According to the interview that Mike Norton gave to John Dehlin, Mike is a believer in a higher power.

He believes in miracles and he affirms that he was cured from Parkinson’s Disease

Wanna know about who Mike Norton in these two interview in the Mormon Stories Podcast

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I hope that you have found all the information you needed about New Name Noah

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